In 2010 I was transfered to Malaysia with Amdocs/Changing Worlds to lead the product development team.

In 2011 I moved to fill the Customer Support team lead position for the APAC region, across both our Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne offices. 

Customer Support in from our Kuala Lumpur offices covered four major customers on the region - Maxis (Malaysia), Telstra (Australia), CSL (Hong Kong) and Singtel (Singapore).


Local Customers

Local Teams

Amdocs Changing Worlds offices in both Kuala Lumpur & Melbourne. 

Closure of the Malaysian Office

At the the end of 2012 the Malaysian office was closed down. During & after this period my job was to to help with the closure and maintain a presence in the APAC region to provide local support to customers, while also acting as pre-sales engineer and lead developer.

During this time I successfully brought in the Spotify Integration Change Request for Maxis.


Lifestyle in Malaysia


Malaysian Food

The variety of Malaysian food is. Fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Korean and western. Its possible to stay in Malaysia for weeks & never have the same style food twice.   

Travel in Malaysia

With so many destinations so close to Malaysia, and the cheap airlines Air Asia hub in Kuala Lumpur - travel around Asia is extremely convenient & affordable.