Taking on my Osteoporosis

In 2013, at the age of 38, I was diagnosed with having osteopenia from a routine DXA scan.

Osteopenia is low bone density, not full blown osteoporosis.


No Treatment Available

Standard procedures in Ireland for someone with osteopenia or osteoporosis at a young age is to just monitor.

Medication has side effects, and muscle strength while young means there is not a lot of risk to the person involved.

Coming from a deeply technical background, and a deep curiosity to understand why I had osteoporosis, and more importantly what I could do about it, I dove deep into self-analysis and experimentation.

I wrote a blog post on my findings on medium here

Talk at QUantified Self Amsterdam 2017

in June 2017 I gave a talk at the European QS conference about my findings of the last few years of research and experimentation. 

Video of the talk is on the Quantified Self site.